Deep in a facility there is a subject that is currently powering the whole building. When the station breaks he needs to quickly find another one and connect himself to it.

How to play

Since a lot of players didn't understand the mechanic here's an explanation: you have electric properties in a facility with no power. You can activate these yellow triangles to fe. make a platform move.  There's a lot of electric fragments everywhere, that can hurt you (after a discharge you lost them and they are dangerous to you). These blue balls can be discharged by hitting an object.  Most of the time you need to use thing in the level to your advantage either way you will die.


In this game you control an experiment with electric properties that can power certain objects with an electric beam. You traverse through rooms where you avoid parts of your power that need to be discharged for collection. The game includes 6 levels, 2 endings and lots of fun. It's very short and sweet, so you don't need to worry about your time being wasted.


If you didn't pick them up: use WASD to walk, SHIFT to sprint and SPACE to jump. You can also select a yellow triangle and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to activate it. These keys can be changed in the menu.


In the game there is a developer console. You can access it by pressing back quote button (between esc and tab). There are a lot of things you can dig up from there. You can see all commands with: help. You can visit the dev map with scene game

Game made by Outgrass


Windows 52 MB

Development log

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