A downloadable game for Windows


You need to disable the reactor, while it is disconnecting devices from your computer. You can't click your mouse, better start doing another task. No keyboard, no problem.


You can also change the disconnected device by pressing the red circle, or tab. You can also use keys on your keypad, which makes the game easier. Remember to have num lock activated.


This is the generator app. In here you need to disable features that will help in shutting down the reactor.

Now the cooler app is a simple console. By typing in 'tasks' you can see the list of commands to run.

The final shutdown app. First off, you need to login by following your assistances voice. For this you need to have speakers enabled. After doing that the final window till appear. To deactivate the reactor finish all tasks that are listed in the tab above the button.


Jam 20 MB
Post jam 20 MB


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very cool gaem